Call for Proposals


We are open to a broad range of presentations from technical through to projects, tutorials and case studies. As long as the presentation/workshop touches on the Free and Open Source philosophy of sharing and collaboration to ensure the digital wasteland that pervades much of our online experience is fit for purpose and easily accessible to all, it will be considered for inclusion in the programme.

The Call for Proposals closes on Friday 15th of June so even if you don't have anything yourself, if you want to recommend someone who you think has something worth saying by all means do so. We'd love to hear from you!

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Talks Types

  • Presentation. These are standard talks with slides, allocated in slots of 30 minutes.

  • Workshop. These are 30 minute workshops covering a specific aspect of technology.

We are able to combine some of these sessions into a one hour slot if needed. Please let us know your requirements as part of your proposal.

Learn more about Free and Open Source Software

and how it can benefit you and your business

Once again the New Zealand Open Source Society is pleased to participate in the IT event of the year, ITX2018

The NZOSS is managing a Stream on day 3 of the ITX2018 conference. We have six presentation/workshop slots of half an hour each that we are looking to fill. If you have a presentation, paper or workshop touching on an aspect of Free and Open Source software that you would like to share then we want to hear from you!

Click on the Talk Proposals tab at the top of this page, enter your details and a basic outline of your proposed presentation or workshop and press submit.