07/13/2018 08:30 to 07/13/2018 17:30 (Pacific/Auckland)


NZOSS Update

  • 07/13/2018 10:50
  • NZOSS@ITX2018 - Room 7

An update on NZ Open Source Society plans and activities. A chance to ask questions or provide feedback. ...

Who creates open source software?

  • 07/13/2018 12:10
  • NZOSS@ITX2018 - Room 7

When people commonly speak about open source software development, it is often coders that come to mind of being involved. But who else is responsible for the creation of applications that run our lives online and on our devices? This talk seeks to challenge the notion that it is only developers who work on (open source) software and shows the myriad of other people involved. ...


  • 07/13/2018 14:30
  • NZOSS@ITX2018 - Room 7

Get to grips with the creative and surprising world of ‘Open Source’ collaboration, and see the potential for limitless artistic creation that it provides. All using tools no more complicated than scissors, rubber stamps and a photocopier. This presentation is about how the process works with a basic demonstration. ...

Saving New Zealand's Birds with Open Source Technology

  • 07/13/2018 15:20
  • NZOSS@ITX2018 - Room 7

It's no secret that many of New Zealand's native birds are under threat from introduced predators such as possums, stoats and rats. The Cacophony Project is developing digital technologies to monitor bird populations and eliminate predators in ways that could be many times more effective than current approaches. The project's software and hardware is completely Open Source project and see contributions from a cross section of people outside of the core development team. Our talk will give a brie...

Learn more about Free and Open Source Software

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Once again the New Zealand Open Source Society is pleased to participate in the IT event of the year, ITX2018

The NZOSS is managing a Stream on day 3 of the ITX2018 conference. We have six presentation/workshop slots of half an hour each that we are looking to fill. If you have a presentation, paper or workshop touching on an aspect of Free and Open Source software that you would like to share then we want to hear from you!

Click on the Talk Proposals tab at the top of this page, enter your details and a basic outline of your proposed presentation or workshop and press submit.